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Culinary Oils 101

Hexane or Solvent Extraction is the most widely used method for vegetable oil extraction in the western world. Soybean and Canola seed are the most commonly used.

For more information on this, research “hexane” and the process of “solvent extraction.”

Expeller Pressed is a mechanical extraction process of which Soybean and Canola seed are heated and the oil is then mechanically pressed out. No Hexane or solvents are used in this process. Here at Whole Harvest, this is the method we use to create our outstanding products.

The Whole Harvest Difference

The Whole Harvest commitment is backed by a patented process that assures our oils have not been extracted using the chemical Hexane or other solvents widely used in processing many oil products for foodservice.

The Whole Harvest guarantee is one that only expeller pressed, truly natural and less processed oils are produced.